The benefits of solar do outweigh its costs

This is a fascinating summary of how solar photovoltaic with battery storage will be a winner.

The benefits of solar do outweigh its costs

This is in Australia. The big power generation companies have realized that home solar PV with battery storage solves a big problem for them, fluctuation in demand over the day.

Where once AGL energy demonised solar tariffs as a “scam”, it is now offering to buy a solar system for its customers and stick it on their roof. AGL will even buy you a battery system. Where once Origin once called solar households “free riders”, implying they were stealing from their neighbours, now they are urging customers to use their rooftops to “steal from the sun.”

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Monthly meeting 8th June 2015

Monday 8th June, 20:00 – 21.30pm

Venue: Kidlington Sainsbury’s Coffee Shop.

A chance to chat about climate change – there is some good news out there.

Come to discuss environmental issues and give & get ideas to help.

The cafe stops serving at 20:00, so if you want a coffee come earlier to buy it.

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El Niño

Another blip to add into global warming.

El Nino is famous around the world for causing a range of extreme weather events from droughts to flooding, blizzards and vast tropical storms.

El Nino arrives in the Pacific Ocean and its effects could be ‘substantial’

It will be used by people to say there is rough weather from time to time; climate change is a hoax.

Tony Abbott’s senior adviser accuses UN of creating climate change hoax to impose ‘new world order’

In a piece for The Australian, Mr Newman claimed 95 per cent of models demonstrating the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming “have been found to be in error”.

The question is how much in error? My guess would be that 100% of the models are in error, but not in a way that changes science.

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Shell boss endorses warnings about fossil fuels and climate change

A very tentative admission. It is worth reading the whole interview.

Shell boss endorses warnings about fossil fuels and climate change

Ben van Beurden agrees that we need to capture the carbon emissions of fossil fuel reserves, but predicts that the world will be ‘zero carbon’ by the century’s end
This suggests we don’t have to worry too much for now.

Ben van Beurden, the chief executive of Shell said,
We cannot burn all the hydrocarbon resources we have on the planet in an unmitigated way and not expect to have a CO2 loading in the atmosphere that is often being linked to the 2C scenario

“often being linked to the 2C scenario” again tries to play down the need to change direction now.

Van Beurden admitted that for all his concerns about climate change, he still drives a large BMW He explained it was an endorsement of his company’s core activities: “You’ve got to believe in the product.”

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‘Stable’ Antarctic ice sheet may have started collapsing

‘Stable’ Antarctic ice sheet may have started collapsing, scientists say

Can you really believe those arrogant scientists, when only 97% of them agree on  anthropogenic global warming?

Jeb Bush claims that science is “arrogant” on climate change

Mr Bush made his comments at the event where he took questions from voters while he considers a 2016 Republican presidential nomination. He added that climate change is not the United State’s “highest priority.”

A voice in the wilderness —

Holly Shulman, the Democratic National Committee’s press secretary, issued a written statement following Mr Bush’s comments.

“Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that human activity has led to climate change. Ninety-seven percent. But Jeb Bush thinks they’re wrong. Who’s being intellectually arrogant now?”

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Temperatures on Earth hit another record high

When will the panic start? This is a useful reminder that we need action now.

Temperatures on Earth hit another record high, here’s the projected effect on humans

Just in case you need enlightening on how climate change projections like these would affect you and yours, take a look at these five reasons how we could be boiling ourselves to death.

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Disappearing Lake Powell

Disappearing Lake Powell underlines drought crisis facing Colorado river

This is a massive opportunity for Peabody Energy to explain how a huge expansion of coal-fired power stations could desalinate water to make up for this.

Coal giant exploited Ebola crisis for corporate gain

Never let ethics or reality get in the way of profit.

[Note to Peabody Energy just in case the irony is lost – this is not an endorsement, so don’t use it as such]

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Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m every minute

This is the International Monetary Fund – not those wet-behind-the-ears Greens !

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m every minute

Follow up with:

Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change

Business as usual when the temperature has gone up by another 4 Celsius.

A rise of 2 Celsius is just so yesterday !

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‘Renewables’ have their problems too

Hydro-electricity sometimes seems the most wholesome of free, natural energy to electricity method. In fact it has the highest death rate of all energy technologies (nuclear is one of the lowest) in addition to issues mentioned in this article.

Flood of new dam projects threatens world’s last wild rivers

According to the NGO Riverwatch, more than 570 sizeable dam projects are being planned in the Balkans alone. This is particularly controversial as many of Europe’s untouched rivers are in this area, which is home to an estimated 40% of the continent’s snails and mussels, plus 69 endemic fish species, among them the huchen – a rare Danube salmon. Even a small country like Macedonia has more than 400 proposed hydro projects.

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Response from 10 Downing Street to 8th May letter

[Click image to enlarge]

A routine acknowledgement, but why send it to DECC? It is for the Prime Minister to break the silence on climate change.
If you sent your own letter, would you like us to post it here?


In reply to: Letter to PM Cameron

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Canada follows Australia in putting head in the sand

This is head in the tar sands. It must be even more opaque to reality that desert sand, and it sticks.

Canada reneges on emissions targets as tar sands production takes its toll

Over the last decade, Canada has dramatically expanded production from the tar sands, and Harper has lobbied hard in the international arena to open up new markets for tar sands crude.

It demands huge amounts of energy to dig the thick, gooey petroleum from the earth, a process that is up to 4.5 times as carbon intensive as conventional oil extraction.

Tar sands production hovered just below 2m barrels a day last year – and Harper has spoken of ramping up production to 5.5m barrels a day.

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