Project Wild Thing – Movie

Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing

On Tuesday 10 March at 19.15 in the Kidlington Baptist Church Hall we are showing a movie to inform children (of all ages up to centenarians) that big wild nature is more varied and wonderful than any view through a screen.

You can get a preview here: Movie trailer

The same page has reviews: Press comment

There will be time for some discussion after the showing.

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Monthly meeting

We hold a meeting for all interested on the second Tuesday of every month at 20:00, currently at the Red Lion in Kidlington.

If we have your email address we will remind you of these meetings, and let you know if there is a change of date or venue. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and be one of the first to hear about new events and activities please email

You can have your evening meal at the Red Lion while we discuss local and global issues.

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Videos, abundance, MP questions and courses

– Eco Fair highlights – videos and Abundance
– Chance to ask your MP a question
– Kidlington Green Drinks
– Training courses

Another successful Eco Fair was held on 16th June, and we have received some very positive feedback from exhibitors.  Thank you to those who attended he fair, we appreciate your support and would welcome any feedback you can offer in order that we can continue to improve this event.

One of the features that we perhaps did not promote well enough was the Video Room where we showed some short animations and a short version of Beyond the Brink.  If you missed them, they are all available online at: (3:28) (2:05) (2:17) (2:27) (3:07) (41:38) (downloadable)

We launched our Abundance project at the Eco Fair and 25 people registered interest.  A forest (or orchard?) of coloured pins accumulated on a large scale map of Kidlington during the 4 hours of the event, each representing the location of fruit that goes unpicked.  Watch this space for details of how this project develops.

Nicola Blackwood, our constituency MP, had intended to visit the Eco Fair, but had to attend another engagement at the last minute.  However, she is making herself available for questions environmental at a lobbying meeting on Friday 6th July, to be held at West Oxford Community Centre (main hall) at 7.15pm.  It will last about an hour.  The Community Centre is on Botley Road:,-1.275037
If you can’t be there, have a look at this:

Green Drinks will go ahead as normal on Tuesday 3rd July.  There’s no agenda, but on our minds is the events programme for the coming year.  Come and put your pennyworth in over a drink.  The Squire Bassett, Tuesday 3rd July, from 8pm.

Finally,  there are two training courses coming up with a few spaces left, and brought to us by the Low Carbon Hub.  “Climate Change Condensed” on Saturday 30th June, and “How to Win a Climate Change Argument in a 15-Minute Tea Break”.  They are COIN courses (Climate Outreach and Information Network) and will be delivered by George Marshall himself (co-founder of COIN and inspirational speaker).  You can book your place here:
or here 

Here’s hoping that we will soon see more signs of summer than just the day length!

Steve and the KvsCC team

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Kidlington vs Climate Change – Our 5th year, our 4th Eco Fair

Exciting times for Kidlington vs Climate Change, our 5th year has seen the expansion of our group and a flurry of activity on our ever growing mailing list, bringing us renewed energy and vigour. Just look how much we’ve achieved….

July (2011) – KvsCC stand at the Kidlington Gala.
September – we entered a themed flower arrangement for the flower festival in St Mary’s Church, demonstrating the creative talents of Lin MacDonald and Janet Warren.
October – we had a table outside Barclays Bank on a Saturday morning, raising awareness of our activities.  It was the first frosty morning heralding winter; brrrrr.
November – was busy!  We took part in the Midcounties Co-operative’s Love Food Hate Waste event in the Kidlington store; worked with the local Scouts on their Global Challenge project; and at the end of the month we attended the Christmas lights switch-on event, distributing our Christmas leftovers recipe leaflet.
December – a Saturday morning table outside Barclays Bank again to coincide with carol singing outside the Co-op.
Throughout the autumn – KvsCC member Andrew Williamson organised our Low Carbon Living programme where several households came together for six meetings on     lighting and appliances; heating and insulation; travel; food and cooking; stuff (consumption and waste); and green energy.  We plan to run it again from September 2012.
January – for the final Low Carbon Living meeting we included a talk, open to all, from Rob Worthy of Solaflair, a Kidlington based renewable energy company.
March – our regular Green Drinks night (8pm, first Tuesday of each month at the Squire Bassett) was privileged to receive a perspective on nuclear energy from Dr Derek Pooley CBE, former Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.  The discussion was lively, and Pooley’s perspective on its place in our transition to low carbon living was a healthy challenge for some in the room.
March – a film night at the Baptist Church hall with ‘Beyond the Brink’, a short film made by a local young film maker.  The evening concluded with refreshments and a good question and answer session.
April – generating interest in our Abundance project – all about finding and using surplus fruit and nuts growing in Kidlington.  We hope to start some activity this year.  Email us at to go on the list to hear about events.

Right now we are working hard on organising our flagship event, the Kidlington Eco Fair, Saturday 16th June, 12-4pm at Exeter Hall.  This year we have secured three pedal generators making electricity to do things like inflate “bin-liner monsters”, light up a row of lamps etc.  As well as fun for kids, we’ll feature local food; recycling, upcycling; home energy; home insulation; textiles; composting; clothing; transport; energy generation; lighter living; inspiration; answers; information.  Refreshments and home-made cakes will be on sale.

Steve Gerrish
May 2012

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Film evening: Beyond the Brink

Title: Film evening: Beyond the Brink
Location: Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Kidlington
Link out: Click here
Description: 40 minute film by young local film maker, good reviews, tea/coffee and biscuits, Q&A session.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-03-21

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A plea to use nuclear power

The full document is a PDF

In summary: Our climate problem is urgent. Nuclear power is not a huge danger as people have been led to believe. We have decades of experience and know the problems. We have the material ready to use, it does not need more mining and needs to be used. Nuclear plants are contained and compact. They can produce power at the level needed to halt net human CO2 emissions. This will give us time to deal with other critical issues: getting to a sustainable population that gives space for other creatures, supplying fresh water, reversing soil erosion. Sadly, global warming is only one of our problems. Solar power development is best done in countries that have lots of sun, wind power development in countries that have consistent winds and plenty of space. The UK had a head start in nuclear power and could make a real contribution in this area. I agree that there will be resistance to this development and the start will be slow. However, I think that we need to be in a position to move fast with tried and tested designs when public opinion begins to change as the destruction due to global warming becomes clear to a majority.

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Eco Fair success

The Kidlington Eco Fair, organised by Kidlington vs Climate Change (Sat. 18th June) achieved one of its goals with the successful launch of our Solar PV community ‘group buying’ scheme.  Through a thorough tendering process, we have chosen to partner with Energy My Way, who can offer a 10% discount on total installation costs to residents in the Kidlington area, reducing your dependence on grid electricity and providing income through the Feed in Tariff.
If you weren’t there you haven’t missed the boat.  Download a flyer, and book a free survey with Energy My Way – or ring Steve on 01865 379913.

There was a buzz throughout the afternoon and many exhibitors were hoarse after talking for 4 hours to a continuous stream of visitors. Conversations ranged between cardboard coffins and composting on the one hand to rag rugs and solar thermal energy on the other.  There were delicious home-made cakes in the cafe; quiches made with local organic eggs to buy to take home; and there were freshly cooked local organic carrots free to be eaten there and then.  The children had a great time too, with face painting, crafts using materials from the recycling box, and between the showers, enjoying the swing boats provided by Down Amusements (

The Kidlington vs Climate Change stand was offering information about who we are, Carbon Conversations (a course of 6 discussion meetings over 3-6 months), the Low Carbon Living Programme, Green Drinks (first Tuesday of every month at the Squire Bassett, 8.30pm), and discounts for Kidlington residents at The Phone Co-op and for renewable electricity from Green Energy.

Thanks go to The Midcounties Co-operative for their continued support for this community event.

Steve Gerrish

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Food Waste Recycling Under The Spotlight

Food Waste Recycling Under The Spotlight

 8.3 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households in the UK every year.  Wasting food costs the average family with children £680 a year and has serious environmental implications too. [For more information visit the Love Food Hate Waste website].

 Anaerobic digestion is the natural breakdown of organic materials such as our food waste into methane and carbon dioxide gas and fertiliser. There has been a lot of controversy over the new Anaerobic Digester recently opened in nearby Cassington to handle food waste. It was feared that the site would look unsightly, smell and cause the area to be over-run by waste lorries.  Oxfordshire Waste Partnership,  the Earth Trust and contractors Agrivert recently teamed up to hold an open day at the Cassington plant which was attended by Kidlington vs Climate Change member Janet Warren.  Janet is  KvsCC’s food champion; she is passionate about sourcing and promoting local seasonal food and fights our corner in the ‘War on Food Waste’.
Here is Janet’s reports on what she saw. 

Silage: the bug world’s Alka Seltzer

Those who inhabit Ambridge for 15 minutes a day (The Archers, Radio 4) may already know about anaerobic digesters (ADs); the topic was aired in 2007. However, I now realise it didn’t quite capture the full picture but that was put right when, as a member of Kidlington vs Climate Change, I joined a conducted tour of the AD site run by county council contractors Agrivert at Cassington.

I was expecting it to look grim; to smell disgusting; and to be overrun with lorries. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. The buildings were smart; there was absolutely no smell; and our party saw only a couple of lorries while we were there. Bringing in waste from far afield or taking fertiliser out further than is necessary would be against Agrivert and Worton Farm’s environmental business aims so transport is kept to a minimum. The site was so well controlled that it could have been managed remotely, we were told, from a home computer. Sadly for him though, the manager was expected to come in every day.
The site takes solid & liquid food waste from local food businesses, as well as from local households. The liquids are ducted straight into underground tanks so there was nothing to see there. But we did see the solid waste starting off on its journey of transformation.

The solid waste is tipped into a huge bin where, first of all, contaminants such as metal and plastic are mechanically removed to prevent damage to the machinery. Interestingly, the waste from domestic sources is 99% compliant i.e. no contaminants. The mix is then pulverised to produce the liquid food waste that is drained off for digestion. This part of the site does have a bit of a pong to it but the smell does not escape outside as the air is bio-filtered before venting.

Unwanted bugs are eliminated from the liquid by pasteurisation, using waste heat from the gas engines at the other end of the process. It is then pumped into digesters, where “useful” bugs take about 100 days to eat up all the nutrients, creating methane as they go and eventually dying of starvation. The remaining liquid is a much valued fertiliser rather like Baby Bio. That is just what it looked like and smelled like. The liquid is stored on-site underground until the farmer is ready to use it. Needless to say, there is no shortage of willing takers, especially as using it is much easier on the nose than traditional muck-spreading!

Finally we saw the on-site gas engines which generate electricity for the national grid, enough to supply electricity to about 4,200 homes. The left over solids are turned into compost and so the only waste from the process is the unused heat generated by the gas engines, but there are plans in the offing for using that too.

The silage? Well, just like humans, bugs need a good balanced diet. If the diet gets monotonous or the bugs get a bit sluggish then a dose of silage will perk them up! “

For further information on organic waste disposal in Oxfordshire c an be found at

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Climate Change Denial – The Science Of Not Believing In Science

This article repays a good reading:

It’s about motivational reasoning, where denial comes from and how
being presented with facts can actually *strengthen* it.

“Conservatives are more likely to embrace climate science if it comes
to them via a business or religious leader, who can set the issue in
the context of different values than those from which
environmentalists or scientists often argue. Doing so is, effectively,
to signal a détente in what Kahan has called a “culture war of fact.”
In other words, paradoxically, you don’t lead with the facts in order
to convince. You lead with the values—so as to give the facts a
fighting chance.”

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Kidlington Green Drinks

Tuesday 5th April saw the very first Kidlington Green Drinks evening. 

 For the past 3 years KvsCC have been meeting once a month at The Squire Bassett to discuss and plan the details for whatever happened to be our latest project at the time.   Inevitably as we only met once a month before the meeting actually started everyone wanted to chat and catch up with each other.  This was fine to begin with but as our projects got more ambitious we found that we never seemed to have enough time and so we decided that time was right to put in a second evening each month to simply socialise and the idea of Kidlington Green Drinks was born. 

The Squire Bassett in Oxford Road, Kidlington has recently been taken over by new licensees Lorraine and Kevin who have turned the place into a comfortable and welcoming destination and who have been very supportive of KvsCC allowing us the use of their conservatory for both our planning meetings and our Green Drinks evening.  It is the perfect venue for like minded individuals from Kidlington and the surrounding area to get together to discuss any concerns, worries and opinions about any environmental/climate change issues they have over a leisurely drink. I must add that their food is pretty good too!

For the launch evening we invited Saski Huggins from Low Carbon West Oxford [LCWO] a community group we at KvsCC aspire to, to come along and tell us about what they are doing and how they are going about it.   LCWO was set up after the summer floods of 2007 by residents concerned about climate change and local flooding.  The residents in West Oxford are implementing an award winning climate change project aimed at reducing their community’s CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

KvsCC is still in its infancy compared to LCWO and other groups but we are just as passionate.   We are now at the point where we need more people to get involved with us, to help where and when they can.   Your village needs you!  We would like enough members to enable KvsCC to divide into different working parties to look at how among other things we can reduce our carbon footprint; to look at ways we can encourage people to recycle more and to think about food miles and food waste as a community.  One project on our list is to find some willing volunteers to train up on using a thermal imaging camera enabling us to offer a free service to villagers in October/November to show where their homes are suffering heat loss; if you or someone you know has some free time to donate please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

The next Kidlington Green Drinks will be Tuesday 3rd May from 8.30pm, please pop in, we really do look forward to seeing you there.

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