Spiral of silence

Though this is a view from the USA, it is probably universal.

The top of this page is a summary: Spiral of silence

Here is the report: Is There a Climate “ Spiral of Silence ” in America? It’s a 2.1MB PDF, eight pages long but not too many words.

Yale have other interesting material too: Climate Change Communication at Yale

For example, Nearly 2 Billion Adults Have Never Heard of Climate Change

Finally, this confirms what we know:
Here’s everything we know about how to talk about climate change

Phenomenal growth in solar and wind power

Global demand for energy will peak in 2030

New technology and stricter policies will transform the energy industry as ‘phenomenal’ growth in solar and wind power continues

World Energy Scenarios 2016 report

Speaking at the report launch Ged Davis, Executive Chair of Scenarios, World Energy Council, said:
“It is clear that we are undergoing a Grand Transition, which will create a fundamentally new world for the energy industry. Historically people have talked about Peak Oil but now disruptive trends are leading energy experts to consider the implications of Peak Demand. Our research highlights seven key implications for the energy sector which will need to be carefully considered by leaders in boardrooms and staterooms.”

So, flattery does get you everywhere

Do we have the start of a solution here?

How to make climate change deniers care about the planet: flatter them

Deniers tend to exhibit a low capacity for empathy and a high aptitude for dominance. They’re predisposed to closed-mindedness and seeing the world in a hierarchical structure, and they avoid experiencing negative emotions. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are usually male.

The Sky’s Limit

Start reading here:
The Sky’s Limit: Why the Paris Climate Goals Require a Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Production

Bill McKibben gives a very good analysis of the lack of any further wiggle room for delay on reducing CO2 emissions:
Recalculating the Climate Math

An excellent summary of the current state of global warming and political action in less than 12 pages (you can download the report):
The Truth About Climate Change
If you click to download the report you can also watch or download a video expressing the problem pictorially.

Commentary on the above:
Global warming flashpoint could be reached by 2050

In summary: we have to get going fast on the move away from fossil fuels, no more exploration which means no new fracking.

If you want an hour of good news listen in

This is a 52 minute talk that argues that the move to ‘renewables’ is unstoppable. In the UK fracking will become nonviable before it can get going unless the government promises to buy at over-the-top prices as it has done for Hinkley Point C. He argues firmly against nuclear power – so even I have to note that!

On the French version of Hinkley: The French couldn’t even build an affordable, on-schedule next generation nuke in their own nuclear-friendly country! “Initially expected to cost Euro 3bn and start operations in 2012, it will not start until 2018 at a cost of Euro 10.5bn.”

Almost everything you know about climate change solutions is outdated