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Annual General Meeting 2014
Monday 14 April

[Download agenda and paper on the constitution If you would like any other paperwork in advance, contact us.]
It may not be apparent, but if you are on the KvsCC emailing list you are a member of Kidlington vs Climate Change. It says so in our constitution – yes, we have a constitution!
Membership gives you the opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting. I know you will be really excited about this … no, let’s be realistic, AGMs can be really boring and tedious, though yours won’t be! An AGM is necessary so that we can be seen to be accountable for the money that we receive/collect, and spend on our activities.

The AGM will be held at 8 o’clock on Monday 14th April in a meeting room at the Baptist Church Hall. The AGM will probably take about 20 minutes, then we will break for tea/coffee and cake . The meeting will then be open to topics and questions of members’ own interests.

We will be armed with topics for discussion, but priority will be given to the topics you bring along. The meeting closes at 9.20pm at the latest.

Oh, and I know some of you will be thinking “I don’t want to be pressed into getting involved”. Well don’t worry all the officers are happy to be re-elected, though they would also love to see a hard fought election to fill the posts available: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary.
I look forward to seeing you on the 14th,

Steve Gerrish
Chair, Kidlington vs Climate Change
PS: Agenda will be circulated at least one week before the meeting.

How to make your cold house warmer

We put on a really good event on Tuesday, 11th February.
Read the report …

Film Show with food and conversation

On Wednesday 30 October we will be showing the film The End of Suburbia.  You would be fogiven for thinking that title a little apocolyptic.  Don’t worry, it isn’t!

The film is almost 10 years old but having watched it again recently, it’s still quite relevant.  That’s because the problem has not gone away.  Remarkably, the phrase ‘climate change’ is only mentioned once, and if anyone can spot more than one mention,  Steve will eatg his hat.

We hope it will stimulate some informative conversation around why we are collectively failing to address the climate change problem that no-one likes to mention any more.

Wednesday 30 October – Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Kidlington, OX5 2DS – doors open at 6.15pm – food and drink included.
We aim to start the film at 6.30, and break for a light supper.  Then we’ll share impressions and get answers to questions.  The event will end by 8.45pm at the latest.

Booking is desirable, so we can plan the food, and we ask for £3 to cover our costs (payable on the door).  To book, please email us at info@kvscc.org.uk

Apple Day

On Saturday 21st September, from 10am to 1pm, our Abundance group will be pressing apples at St Thomas More School.

Come and join the fun!  (Download the poster)
Bring a your apples, pears and/or grapes -
some clean empty bottles with screw cap lids
and take home some juice!

Fruit does not have to be in perfect condition,
(windfalls and ‘meaty’ ones are fine) and mixed varieties make an even more interesting juice.

For more information visit www.kvscc.org.uk or ring 07583 158495
or email Abundance@KvsCC.org.uk

Warming Oxfordshire

You may have seen us in the High Street in late February and early March promoting free Green Deal assessments for Kidlington residents, and risking hypothermia at the same time!  Well all the assessments have been completed and we brought the householders together in May to talk about the energy efficiency measures that have been recommended to them in their Green Deal Advice Reports.  We also outlined the process of getting quotes from so-called Green Deal Providers who can put together a plan and the finance for getting the work done, including finding “ECO” grant funding for part of the cost.  (ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation).  This was a very worthwhile project, because it is untainted by big business using the assessment visit as an opportunity to sell their own particular energy efficiency measures.

Kidlington’s Low Carbon Living Programme

During the winter of 2011-12 we ran the Low Carbon Living Programme for several households in Kidlington and surrounding areas.  We would love to run it again for 2012-13.  If you are interested, just email us at
kidlingtonvsclimatechange@yahoo.co.uk or phone Steve on 01865 379913.  If we get enough people, we’ll start it in January.

The programme begins with calculating your carbon footprint, which includes one of us completing a detailed questionnaire with you, taking about an hour.  Then over the coming weeks there will be 6 carbon busting sessions going into detail about Lighting & Appliances, Heating & Insulation, Travel, Food & Cooking, Waste Reduction & Stuff, and Green Energy.  Twelve months down the line, we’ll do another carbon footprint so you can see the effect of any changes you decide to make.


About KvsCC: In the summer of 2007 at the Kidlington Summer Gala .….. Anthony met Janet.

Janet had paid a visit to the stand Anthony was manning for ClimateXchange, they got chatting and soon realised they shared a common interest in:

  • Protecting our environment
  • Sustainable living
  • Raising awareness about the implications of climate change

Soon after that first meeting the local community action group Kidlington vs Climate Change was formed.

Members of KvsCC

The Eco group’s core membership continues to grow as more Kidlington residents looking to make a difference and live a more sustainable lifestyle want to learn about:

  • Environmental issues effecting Kidlington
  • Make savings on their homes energy
  • Running eco friendly homes
  • Going about  reducing carbon footprints

Since 2007 Kidlington vs Climate Change members have worked together to help raise public awareness in an informative, friendly, fun way.

Kidlington vs Climate Change have organised many events to help raise awareness of local residents:


  • Kidlington Gala with ClimateXchange.
  • Packed screening of Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth


  • Kidlington Gala stand.  The chair‘s (Anthony Simpson) workplace RM plc, was named in The Sunday Times Top 50 Green Companies. Anthony helped set up RM’s green group in 2004.


  • June: Our first Kidlington Eco Fair.
  • July: Kidlington Gala stand.
  • September: “Age of Stupid” film night.
  • Winter: Global Action Challenge project with Kidlington Sea Scouts


  • February: “Climate Change Condensed” workshop.
  • June: Eco Fair
  • Winter: Anaerobic Food waste digestion & composting.
  • Workshop making Jewellery from recycled materials
  • Carbon Conversations – a course of 6 facilitated discussion groups


  • March: Open meeting Kidlington Taking Control – To reduce our carbon, to reduce our bills”
  • April: From April the first Tuesday of each month  ‘Kidlington Green Drinks’ at The Squire Bassett, Kidlington – join us from 8.30pm
  • June: Eco Fair 18th June


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