A plea to use nuclear power

The full document is a PDF http://www.kvscc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/nuclear-power.pdf

In summary: Our climate problem is urgent. Nuclear power is not a huge danger as people have been led to believe. We have decades of experience and know the problems. We have the material ready to use, it does not need more mining and needs to be used. Nuclear plants are contained and compact. They can produce power at the level needed to halt net human CO2 emissions. This will give us time to deal with other critical issues: getting to a sustainable population that gives space for other creatures, supplying fresh water, reversing soil erosion. Sadly, global warming is only one of our problems. Solar power development is best done in countries that have lots of sun, wind power development in countries that have consistent winds and plenty of space. The UK had a head start in nuclear power and could make a real contribution in this area. I agree that there will be resistance to this development and the start will be slow. However, I think that we need to be in a position to move fast with tried and tested designs when public opinion begins to change as the destruction due to global warming becomes clear to a majority.