It’s happening anyway

Whatever the climate deniers are doing & saying, the change over to renewables is happening anyway.

States betting on giant batteries to cut carbon

A growing number of states are requiring large batteries to be used to store electricity to help expand wind and solar power. The trend is catching on quickly as at least three states have created energy storage targets or incentives so far this year.

Lawmakers in New York passed a bill last week requiring the state to create an energy storage target. Nevada passed a bill incentivizing energy storage in May, and Maryland passed an energy storage tax credit in April. Those measures follow California, Oregon, and Massachusetts, which have mandates for electricity storage in batteries.

Trump that!

It looks like solar/wind power will banish fossil fuels

‘Spectacular’ drop in renewable energy costs leads to record global boost

But we still have to move faster.

Lins said the switch to green energy needed to speed up and, crucially, start converting transport, heating and cooling to renewable sources. “The world is in a race against time,” she said.

Christiana Figueres, the former UN climate chief who delivered the Paris agreement and is now convenor of Mission 2020, said: “The economic case for renewables as the backbone of our global energy system is increasingly clear and proven. Offering ever greater bang-for-buck, renewables are quite simply the cheapest way to generate energy in an ever-growing number of countries.”

Big battery storage is coming

Welsh battery scheme may aid growth of green energy

Solar power has grown rapidly in the last seven years, going from almost nothing to 11GW of capacity, meaning it now regularly provides more power than Britain’s last coal plants. There is also 15GW of wind power, a figure that will climb this year as major offshore windfarms come online.

Coal is being replaced by renewables

India cancelling huge coal power station because it wants to focus on renewable energy

But still a long way to go.

India wants to become a solar superpower – but its plans don’t add up

Ingenious new technologies –

New solar-powered device can create water out of thin air, even in deserts

Water harvesting from air with metal-organic frameworks powered by natural sunlight

Reality bites back

Our climate models are better than the deniers make out:

Climate change computer model vindicated 30 years later by what has actually happened

Now, 30 years later, the models have become much more detailed with fine-grained observed data to fit.

Expect investment in fossil fuels to drop as people warm to the thought of suing companies that extract and sell them takes off with climate change:

Chevron warns it could face climate change lawsuits with future oil drilling potentially ‘economically infeasible’

Take back control

This is a hopeful argument from George Monbiot for rebuilding a community of people in every area. As it is already working, and probably what most of us are involved in someway, we should propagate this hope.

This is how people can truly take back control: from the bottom up

Monbiot also mentions the Dutch city of Rotterdam, which you can find via the City Collections tab on the Community Lover’s Guide; there are several places in Holland showing how they do it.

The start of better news

Those pesky renewable are starting to win commercially.

Record number of oil and gas firms go bust as renewable energy revolution begins to bite

“It’s also time for Government to recognise that we should not leave the workers stranded, but provide opportunities in the new industries of the 21st century.”

Thierry Lepercq, head of research at French energy company Engie, who recently told Bloomberg that the growth in renewable energy could push the cost of oil down to as low as $10 in less than 10 years.