Sunset for KvsCC means sunrise another day

• A celebration
Kidlington vs Climate Change (KvsCC) burst into being 11 years ago in 2007. One person out of the many in Kidlington who were concerned about climate change, met another concerned person. They decided to try and meet some other concerned people in Kidlington to start a conversation and see what would happen. So they set up a gazebo at the Kidlington Gala. It was the year that the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was released and these two people, with a little help from a support organisation in Oxford, put the film on for a full house in Exeter Hall. That was the evening I wrote my email address on a bit of paper and tossed it into the box for those wanting to be on KvsCC email list, and the rest is history.
A group came together and started to meet and organise putting on an Eco Fair in 2009, and again in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In between and since we organised talks and activities, and we filled Exeter Hall again showing the film ‘The Age of Stupid’. And we raised awareness! Not only that – we made new friends, learned loads, and enjoyed the ride.
Along the way a sister group formed – Kidlington Abundance – organising wonderful community events juicing Kidlington’s surplus apples every autumn.
There is a lot to celebrate.
KvsCC became a “CAG” quite early on, affiliated to the Oxfordshire CAG Project, an association of community action groups (CAGs) in Oxfordshire. There are around 70 groups, as diverse as the people that came together in each community, making Oxfordshire the most active county in the country. The CAG Project facilitates contact and skill sharing with other groups and provides practical support (and public liability insurance).
We have also worked with the Low Carbon Hub, which puts some of its effort and operating surplus towards supporting community activity in Oxfordshire.

• An ending
The core group at KvsCC has been on that 11 year journey from the beginning. We have given all we have to give. We have decided that we will withdraw completely from activity in KvsCC. None of us will stop being active and doing all we can in our own ways to help bring society to an agreed and effective way forward through this problem. Our founding member (no longer living in Kidlington) especially did not stop being active. He took a career change and now works on electric car charging infrastructure, via a spell at the Low Carbon Hub recruiting schools for large solar panel installations.
We will not just walk away. We will hold our AGM in April and pass a resolution that will put KvsCC into a programmed demise in April 2019, so that things will wind themselves up in an orderly fashion. The core group will remain as officers, but will not be active.
Kidlington Abundance will remain and continue to be active, organising community events and lending their equipment and expertise.

• A new beginning?
We would welcome others taking up the challenge and doing something similar or quite different.
KvsCC can be allowed to cease, can be replaced, re-named, re-born, re-imagined …
The field is wide open …
KvsCC AGM – Kidlington Baptist Church, Blue Room, Monday 9 April, 8pm – 9.30pm

Steve and the team
Kidlington vs Climate Change
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