Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter maximum

This is another call for action.

It is not just area that is the indicator of a problem, but the thickness – the article says, “Climate change is driving declining ice coverage in the Arctic, with a recent study finding it has also become significantly thinner, down 65% since 1975.” Read that again – thickness down by 2/3 in 40 years,

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter maximum

Solar eclipse

Clearly we need more R&D in storage technologies and maybe this power drop will stimulate more of that.

Solar eclipse: blackout to challenge Europe’s electricity supplies

The fossil fuel industry will probably use this to argue their case because there is a clear connection: no sun > no power. The more indirect connection of more CO2 > more storms, drought and devastation – including loss of power for weeks is worse than this occasional eclipse.

Good News: Our very own James Dyson seems to be investing in new battery technology now, which is one of the things we need.

Here’s everything we know about Sakti3 – the US startup Dyson just invested $15m in

Pollution cloud over UK triggers health warnings

This article does not tell us what the pollution is but presumably it is due to burning stuff, as in fossil fuel power stations and petroleum powered vehicles. We are keen to prosecute the individual who causes us harm but we mostly ignore the harm we do to ourselves collectively.

Pollution cloud over UK triggers health warnings

And another example of how disposal for many people just means out of sight, out of mind. We need investment in education as well as technology.

Tidal wave of wet wipes blights British beaches

Divesting from fossil fuels

“The world has much more coal, oil and gas in the ground than it can safely burn. That much is physics.”

The argument for divesting from fossil fuels is becoming overwhelming

This article is an excellent summary of the issue and how it has been understood by familiar people and organizations.

As the article says, “The intention is not to bankrupt the companies, nor to promote overnight withdrawal from fossil fuels – that would not be possible or desirable”, but we need to start acting now for a controlled wind down of use of fossil fuels, and for the production companies to stop exploration for more stuff that we can not use in ever more risky places – and move to R&D of alternatives.

You can sign a petition asking the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust to commit now to divesting from the top 200 fossil fuel companies.

Littering becoming ‘endemic’

We get two messages with this new. The first is the obvious that a lot of stuff is not being recycled optimally, though I assume that when councils pick up the mess they try to get something back for it.

However, the main message for me is that we make too much in itself that produces all this waste. Too much wrapping, too much trivial convenience, and too little repair and up-cycling.

Littering becoming ‘endemic’ after dramatic rises in fly-tipping and Government inaction

The anthropocene began in 1610

When did we humans begin to have an irreversible impact on our planet. This study suggests it was when the trade got going between the Old World and the New World.

First a quick read newspaper article on this: The anthropocene era of man’s dominance began in 1610, claim scientists

Here is a fuller more academic summary: Epoch-defining study pinpoints when humans came to dominate planet Earth

A related issue from George Monbiot: Isis are not the only ones committing great acts of vandalism