Talking Topics

Monthly item to discuss

We intend to read and discuss the book  Don’t Even Think About It at a future date. This is a forewarning.

12/02/2018. Core group discussion of future.

8/01/2018. Holiday

11/12/2017. CANCELLED meeting.

6/11/2017. Visit by Barbara Hammond of Low Carbon Hub.

9/10/2017. Thinking about new blood for KvsCC. No meeting; private home-study this week!

11/09/2017. Discussion of future activities.

14/08/2017. Collective action. Maybe the most important discussion of all.

10/07/2017. One Thousand Days. Is it possible?

12/06/2017. Will the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement make much difference? Context: Drop in renewable energy costs.

8/05/2017. Thinking of worms that can consume polyethylene plastics A worm turning for us, what other worms, in the metaphorical sense, can we get to turn to help resolve global warming?

10/04/2017. Annual General Meeting. We discuss the past year and our future.

13/03/2017. Read the observations on Governance by Arthur Brock via Tactics for change. These are relevant for progress on combating climate change.

13/02/2017. Read the Christopher Shaw experiment on How to talk with Trump about Climate Change. We can see what hope we can generate.

12/12/2016: Read Perspective on food transport that shows our guesses can be wrong.

14/11/2016: Check Spiral of silence to pick up the link to a report: Is There a Climate “ Spiral of Silence ” in America? We can discuss the relevance of this in the UK, and the tips for how to talk about climate change.

10/10/2016: Solar delivers cheapest electricity ‘ever, anywhere, by any technology’ Half the price of coal! What are the possibilities for the UK? If you want to listen for 50 minutes then, Climate Change Solutions : What you thought you knew is obsolete

19/09/2016: Power to the people? Populism, polarisation and public engagement [the discussion may be extended to the October meeting]